For Offer Holders (2020/2021 only)

A very warm welcome from the College Office team to all Offer Holders for the 2020/21 academic year!

2021/22 offer holders – feel free to read this information as a guide to what to expect next year, but do not complete any forms here yet. We will notify you when the new information and forms are ready to complete, this is likely to be from late July 2021.

Meet the College Office team

A welcome from Principal Sir Michael Dixon:

Enjoy a tour of our college from student Spencer Tong:

2020-21 starters – Essential Forms to complete and information to read in advance: 

Student-College Contract (mandatory)
GP Registration details for 2020/21
IT Handout 2020/21 *updated*
Preparing for self-isolation before you travel (mandatory)
COVID-19: Keeping our Green Templeton Community Safe and Well in 2020-21
Green Templeton Student Handbook 2020-21 (Read induction/arrival section in advance) *updated 23/09/2020*
Vital information from the UK Government for anyone travelling to the UK: COVID-19 Travel Corridors and COVID-19: How to Self-Isolate When You Travel to the UK
Academic Office Welcome and Key Dates *updated 23/09/2020*

Information to complete or read in advance where relevant:

Student Profiles

We’d like to know more about you and what you will be studying during your time with us, and share this with our Green Templeton community across platforms including our website. View our full privacy and data protection policies. Complete the student profile submission form and see some of our current student profiles. We need your email in case the Communications team has any queries, but if you would rather we didn’t publish it, you can request this in the ‘About You’ section at the end.

Guide for students bringing children to Oxford 2020
Associate Membership of Green Templeton College (for partners of students only)
Direct Debit Mandate Form (to complete and return in hard copy on arrival)
Academic Dress Form 2020 (optional)
University of Oxford Health and Protection During the COVID-19 Pandemic framework 
College Healthcare Arrangements 2020/21
Opening a Bank Account: A Guide for European and International Students 2020 *new*
Immunisation Letter 2020
Peer Supporter Information 2020/21
Orientation for International students 2020/21
Language Centre Enrolment Welcome Poster
Guide to using the Bodleian Libraries
Guidelines from University IT Services on IT kit to bring
Domestic Arrangements for College Rooms *new*

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