Green Templeton College students are advised to think carefully about budgeting during their time at the University.

You will have been asked at the start of your programme of study to confirm that you have sufficient funds to pay for your fees and living expenses.

For the academic year 2022/23, the University estimates that a single student will require between £14,580 and £21,060 to live in Oxford for 12 months. The University website has further information about living costs and how these figures were calculated.

Students with partners and families to support will also need to increase this figure accordingly. Further information for students with dependents.

If you are intending to work to support yourself while you are studying, you should refer to the University’s Paid Work Guidelines, which Green Templeton has adopted. You should also make yourself aware of potential tax implications; the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group provides a useful tax guide for students.

The Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) can provide some financial advice to students.

Medical students may also find the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund website useful.

If you are in financial difficulty, it is better to seek help immediately than to wait until the situation is critical.