Alexandra Boubour

Alexandra BoubourMSc Global Health Science and Epidemiology

Alexandra Boubour is currently earning a Master of Science in Global Health Science and Epidemiology. She was previously awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to Malawi, for which she studied the neurodevelopmental and socioeconomic impact of pediatric febrile coma. While an undergraduate Neuroscience student at Barnard College of Columbia University, Alexandra led GlobeMed, a global health equity organization, and co-founded Headache and Arts, a non-profit organization and visual arts-based health education program for youth.

With eight years of research experience in neurology and the neurosciences, Alexandra has published over ten papers in peer-reviewed journals. She has presented her work internationally and has consulted for the World Health Organization.

Alexandra is passionate about local and global efforts to improve healthcare access, enhancing diagnostics for and management of neuroinfectious diseases and neuroimmune conditions, and actualizing health as a human right. She enjoys martial arts, learning languages, and making music.