Alexandra Sadler

Alexandra Sadler, Green Templeton College student profileMPhil Development Studies

While I was born in London, I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and have spent the past six years studying and working in the United States. I have been passionate about international development since I was a child, when my father would take me around Asia with him to visit communities that were the recipients of the microfinance loans that his organisation provided.

For my undergraduate degree, I studied Economics and Environmental Studies at Bowdoin College in the northeast of the United States, where I became fascinated by the intersection of environmental issues and development challenges. Since graduating, I have spent the past three years working as a business and technical consultant in the energy and utilities sector in New York City.

I am now excited to be pursuing my MPhil in Development Studies at Oxford, where I hope to focus my research on climate change adaptation oriented development programs. In particular, I would like to evaluate the efficacy of different approaches and hope to dedicate my future career to working at this intersection of environment and development issues.

I am particularly excited to be a part of Green Templeton College, where I will have access to like-minded peers and academic and extra-curricular programming that strongly aligns with my own interests in human welfare and the environment.