Carlos Blanco

Carlos Blanco, Green Templeton College student profileMaster of Business Administration

For the past five years I have worked with the NFP, government and private sector in Australia to drive systems change. At the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation I spearheaded an innovative program for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that helped redefine the narrative on Indigenous tertiary education from deficit to excellence. At Nous Group, one of Australia’s leading management consulting firms, I coordinated sector-wide engagement across NSW to redesign the child and family system, with the aim to connect children, young people and families to the right support at the right time. I also worked across the NFP and private sector to develop both impact strategies and impact measurement frameworks.

My professional career is built upon my commitment to social justice and ambitions to achieve change, reflected in my BSc, with honours, in human geography, and BA, with a minor in history, from the University of Sydney. A professional Rugby Union career, which saw me represent both Spain and Australia at the international level, taught me important lessons on determination, grit and teamwork. All these experiences have led me to the MBA programme at Saïd, whose commitment to tackle world-scale problems and develop purposeful leaders will help me to lead systems change with like-minded people and organisations.

Green Templeton was my first choice college for two reasons. Firstly my wife, Cate, and two young sons, Felix and Sebastian, will join me for the year in Oxford. Green Templeton was by far the most family friendly college, including the opportunity to live in a two-bedroom house on Observatory Street. Secondly, I have a strong passion for social sciences, particularly in the areas of human welfare and social well-being, Green Templeton’s strengths.

In my year at Green Templeton I hope to forge new friendships, both personal and academic. I also hope to find opportunities to have intellectually stimulating conversations and to create collaborative opportunities to make the world a little bit better than it is today.