Chi Sum Tse

Chi Sum TseMSc Educational Assessment

The boring side of me: Currently, I read the MSc in Educational Assessment and work for the PISA for Schools project at the OECD, in Paris.

The less boring side of me: I am a vivid vagabond who always overstays at a place until I am bored with it. My most memorable “trip” was to Buenos Aires, 18 457 km (for your reference, Earth’s radius =  6 371 km) from where I am originally from. There, I stayed for two years. I also spent some time in Peru, Germany, Spain, Canada, Brazil and Australia. Thanks to my travels, I am also an Amateur Gourmand, Sommelier and Polyglot.

If you are interested in travelling, eating, drinking, learning new languages or large-scale assessments, please feel free to drop me a line at