Daiki Odagawa

Daiki Odagawa, Green Templeton College student profileMaster of Business Administration

When I was a kid, I wanted to have friends in every country of the world and that has been the recurring theme in my life.

I gained my bachelor’s degree from Rikkyo University in Tokyo, majoring in international business with a focus in marketing. As the programme was a pioneer in creating cultured bilingual business leaders, my class had students representing 20+ countries. I also had opportunities to study abroad in the US and UK, which opened my eyes even wider to the world outside of Japan.

To further enrich my understanding of different cultures and backgrounds, I started my career at INTAGE, which is the largest marketing research firm in Japan. As a global marketing researcher, I have worked on various projects such as consumer surveys and focus groups in 30+ countries across a broad range of industries, from cosmetics, food and cars, to electronics and services.

Spending a decade at INTAGE, I have accomplished the dream of becoming a businessperson who trots the globe. Subsequently, I have developed a desire to pursue an MBA because I felt the necessity to gain skills in turning data into actionable insight that informs business decisions. I was strongly drawn to the Oxford MBA because of its international aspect, welcoming students from 60+ countries every year, and its networking opportunities that go beyond the MBA programme.

Contact: daiki.odagawa.mba19@said.oxford.edu