Daniela Lucia Vargas Moreno

Daniela Vargas Photo1Master of Public Policy

Hi! I’m Daniela, a Colombian government and foreign affairs professional with a master’s in political science, and currently an MPP student. I have 8 years of experience in political, conflict and gender affairs, for the last 6 years I worked for the United Nations and I have led academic, advocacy and policy-oriented projects, including on governance, elections, peacebuilding and women’s rights. In my last position I was involved in the verification of the ceasefire and the lay down of weapons of a former guerrilla, and worked hand in hand with ex-combatants, institutions, communities and international cooperation in the reintegration and peacebuilding process. I am looking forward to learning from others and strengthening my skills to continue working for a world with democratic accountable institutions, an engaged citizenry, equal participation of women, adequate conditions to consolidate female leadership and development opportunities for all, especially for regions ravaged by conflict.

Contact: daniela.lvargas@gmail.com