Eloise Stark

Eloise Stark, Green Templeton College student profileDPhil Psychiatry

My name is Eloise and I am two thirds of the way through my DPhil in Psychiatry, where I am studying the neuroscience underlying how we perceive faces. I have lots of academic interests, such as happiness and eudaimonia, postnatal psychopathology, post-traumatic stress, and music and the brain. However, my greatest interest is in autism, specifically autistic cognition, autism in women, and autism and mental health. I hope to become a postdoctoral researcher studying these topics when I graduate.

Outside of my studies I enjoy rowing, origami, reading, and golf. In my time at Green Templeton College I hope to finish my DPhil successfully, publish lots of exciting research, and ultimately do work which is valuable and of benefit to others.

Contact: eloise.stark@psych.ox.ac.uk