Greco Mark Malijan

MSc International Health and Tropical Medicine, 2020Greco Mark Malijan

My research interests span clinical medicine, public health, and mathematical modeling. I am a graduate of Doctor of Medicine from the University of the Philippines and completed internal medicine residency training in the Philippine General Hospital. While I developed a deep love for clinical medicine during my training, I had a growing desire to work upstream and attempt to improve health for bigger populations. The transition started when I conducted a cohort study exploring posthospitalisation outcomes of patients admitted under General Medicine service, in an attempt to ‘find’ and give voice to patients who were ‘lost to follow up’. It was also during this time that I developed interest in health systems and health technology assessment.

I am currently reading for MSc International Health and Tropical Medicine, and in recent months I have developed an appreciation for mathematical modeling for infectious diseases and economic modeling. I plan to write my dissertation on the intersection of modeling and engagement with the public and the policy-makers.

Outside of academics, my interests include coffee brewing, taking long walks in Oxford, and baking bread and cookies.