Hazelina Yeo

Yeo Hwan Theng, Green Templeton College student profileMSc Biodiversity, Conservation and Management

Hazelina strives to be an informed optimist. She graduated with a BSc in Life Sciences from the National University of Singapore in 2011, with her thesis on the establishment and spread of non-native palm species published in Biological Invasions. Since then, Hazelina has been employed as a production editor of journals and books published by the natural history museum in Singapore; a researcher and content curator at a government think-tank, the Centre for Liveable Cities; and a manager of programmes and outreach at the National Parks Board.

In her free time, she paints wildlife onto tiny wooden beads to spread conservation awareness (Instagram profile: @BiophiliaSG). Hazelina is particularly interested in conservation practices in the context of cities and governance, and she aims to integrate nature conservation and urban development meaningfully. She is thrilled to be part of Green Templeton and is looking forward to the experience of a lifetime!