Isra Hasnain

Isra Hasnain, Green Templeton College student profileMSc Medical Anthropology

Hello! I’m originally from a small rural town in the state of Illinois, USA. I’m very excited to be pursuing an MSc in Medical Anthropology. I recently received my bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Upon completion of my Masters programme, I hope to enter medical school and apply my knowledge of medical anthropology to my pursuit of a career in global health. I am particularly interested in immigrant health equity and efforts to supply marginalised populations with the health resources they require.

In my spare time, I enjoy exploring libraries, listening to film scores, and playing tennis. During my time at Green Templeton, I hope to form lasting connections with students and faculty while taking full advantage of my residence in this exciting city. I look forward to engaging in new experiences and maximising my year as a member of the Green Templeton community.