Lian Najami

NajamiMaster of Public Policy

As the first Arab-Israeli Rhodes scholar, my key policy interests include minority rights, patient advocacy and education. Indeed, I have spent the past decade touring the world as an international keynote speaker, raising awareness to minority issues and acting as an advocate for those with invisible illnesses and disabilities. Furthermore, I am particularly determined and passionate to empower Arab women and have founded two social startups: Peaceful Infusions and Manara Resources, which promote employment and financial literacy among Arab women. Finally, I serve as the youngest executive board member of Mabat — an NGO working to promote intellectual diversity on Israeli campuses.

This past year, I completed an MSc in Comparative Social Policy at Oxford, focusing on the role of patient organisations in health policy design. After completing the MPP, I am determined to make Israel a more inclusive place by amplifying the voices of minorities in the policymaking process.