Lorena Godefroy Chumpitazi

Lorena Yvonne Godefroy Chumpitazi, Green Templeton College student profileMaster of Business Administration

I’m a Peruvian engineer, born and raised in Lima. I grew up in a big, very Catholic family. After finishing my studies in the University of Lima, I started working in the social business space: climate change and sustainability in Peru, clean water access in Uganda, and I founded an NGO in Peru to help connect local volunteers with social causes.

I’m coming to Saïd Business School because I want to work on business and tech for positive impact, first at an international level but then at a local level. I’m in love with my country and you’ll hear me talk endlessly about our food, culture, football team, tourist attractions and food (again).

While I’m excited to start the MBA, I also want to maximise my experience by getting to know the Green Templeton community of grad students in other subjects, like medicine and science. I believe the diversity the college offers will challenge my views and I will learn from it.

I also hope to engage in the social activities the college offers. I am a fan of Harry Potter, I love football (playing and watching), dancing, doing outdoor sports (hiking, climbing, cycling, swimming, adventure) and I also do Muay Thai. I enjoy reading books and interesting articles. However, I’m always open to try new activities, for example the ones the college offers such as yoga or rowing. Really looking forward to this upcoming year.

Contact: lorena.godefroy.mba19@said.oxford.edu