Mahak Dhameja

Mahak Dhameja, Green Templeton College student profileMaster of Business Administration

Belonging to a small town and living in different cities in India makes me appreciative of diversity and beauty of cultures.

I did my engineering in electronics and instrumentation and Masters in chemistry from a tier-1 Indian university. I worked with Vodafone as Deputy Manager in the Technology team where I was responsible to build strategies for IoT and new technologies. For the past year, I have been working as a CSR consultant with a startup and helping clients monitor the impact created by their social investment.

In my alone time, I have books as my friends. I read all kinds of genres with fiction being my favourite. My dance and cartoon sketches define me. I like to cook and serve people dishes fervently cooked by me. I have been working in the social sector for eight years. As a part of this, I volunteered with different non-profits and contributed my time to serve the society by arranging awareness camps, health camps and counselling sessions and teaching the underprivileged kids. I initiated many teams within the organisations.

My friends like me for the cheerful and positive person I am. My seniors admire my dedication and dependability. My juniors find their mentor in me. I hope I continue to reach up to their expectations.

I dream to start my own for-profit social venture aimed to create opportunities for women. During my time at Oxford, I look forward to the amazing cohort and spending a wonderful, meaningful time learning different aspects of life with them. I would love to continue being the morning person I am and start a sport, which I have always wanted to pursue.