Manjima Sarkar

Manjima Sarkar, Green Templeton College student profileMSc Radiation Biology

I recently graduated from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles in May 2019. While there, I earned my bachelor of science degrees in biomedical engineering and neuroscience. I also spent a lot of my time outside of the classroom in research labs, where I did research on targeted nanoparticles for drug delivery and on neurodegenerative diseases. I decided to pursue my masters degree in radiation biology because I think the clinical applications of the field will build nicely on my existing experience and education.

During my time at university, I was also involved in several volunteer programmes in the local community. One of these organisations was aimed at working with young victims of abuse and violence, and the other worked with young children to better prepare them for primary school.

Outside of academics, my passions involve dancing, singing, and playing sitar. While at Green Templeton, I hope to not just further myself academically/professionally, but also to widen my worldview by intentionally immersing myself in unfamiliar experiences and by interacting with diverse people from all walks of life.