Melanie Froude

Melanie Froude, Green Templeton College student profilePGCE Secondary Geography

I am a former postdoctoral researcher retraining to teach Secondary Geography with the Department of Education. My motivation to move sectors is driven by a desire to spend more time in the classroom inspiring young people to engage with local and global geographical issues. From my experience utilising geospatial technologies and programming within my research, I have developed a special interest in widening engagement with learning technologies in school settings.

My research focused on geomorphic hazards, specifically the mechanics and impacts of landslides and sediment-laden flash floods in mountainous and volcanic environments. I have experience undertaking research and teaching on field courses internationally. Fieldwork can be a transformational experience for students, and I am keen to support trips within and extra to the curricular as I start my teaching career.

In my previous employment, I trained as a mentor to support PhD students during the final months of their studies. The mentoring took a ‘solution-focused’ coaching approach, and I hope to develop these skills further during my PGCE year.

I was attracted to apply to Green Templeton when I became aware that the Radcliffe Meteorological Station within college grounds held Britain’s longest running record of temperature and rainfall. These longitudinal climate datasets underpin our understanding of how climate is changing now and into the future.

I am looking forward to joining the college community and time allowing, becoming a member of the college boat club as a cox. Within my free time I also enjoy hill walking, yoga, running and road cycling.