Michelle Shen

MichelleshenMSc Sociology

Michelle Shen is a MSc Sociology student, interested in the socio-legal, ethical, and epistemological implications of genomic science. She intends on researching topics such as how DNA testing has influenced criminal proceedings, and how the legal regulation of reproductive/genomic technologies (such as CRISPR) has influenced family planning in various international contexts.

She earned her BA in Sociology at Barnard College, Columbia University in 2019. She presented her undergraduate dissertation on racialized diseases and embodied health movements at the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interactionism 2019 Annual Meeting. Previously, Michelle worked at The Legal Aid Society in New York City as a paralegal where she assisted criminal defense attorneys with criminal appeals and parole proceedings. She has also worked on various policy, academic, and UX research projects on city, state, and federal levels. She aims to have a career where she can both serve as an attorney and utilize applied research to implement systemic change.

She is also enthusiastic about grassroots activism, riverside jogging, yoga, museums, storytelling podcasts, and contemporary art.

Contact: michelle.shen@gtc.ox.ac.uk