Olukayode Fasominu

Olukayode FasominuMSc Global Healthcare Leadership, 2023

Dr Fasominu Olukayode is a Public Health Physician, Management Consultant, recognised global health security expert and public health thought leader. He is a Principal at Volte Health – a consulting firm – where he leads several engagements across Africa working with donor agencies, multilateral UN agencies and governments across different levels. He lends his experience and knowledge in health systems strengthening and global health governance to several governments across sub-Saharan Africa including 57 Gavi-eligible countries spanning low- and middle-income countries of West and East Africa.

Over the past decade, he has built, executed, managed, and implemented a diverse portfolio of global humanitarian and development initiatives at international and national levels cutting across global health security, emergency preparedness, infectious disease surveillance, control, and elimination. Additional experience includes developing human capital, strengthening supply chains, and overall improvement in the performance of primary health care (PHC) service delivery.

He has established relationships having worked with and supported developmental partners – US CDC, USAID, World Bank, UNICEF (Country, Regional and Global levels), WHO (Country, Regional and Global levels), Africa CDC, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) – to make strategic investments in health while advising Government across all levels.

Olukayode is an advocate for increased partnership, country ownership, sustainable financing, and transparency within and across levels of government. His work involves managing diverse high-level stakeholders to oversee the implementation of a long-term global immunisation and PHC-centric strategy, leveraging lessons from the intersection of pandemic preparedness, international health regulations and building resilient health systems.

Contact: olukayode.fasominu.mghl23@said.oxford.edu