Dr Oluwasegun Afolaranmi

Dr Oluwasegun AfolaranmiMSc Integrated Immunology

I completed medical school at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria in 2019, finishing as the best graduating student. At Oxford, I am studying for the MSc in Integrated Immunology at the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences, and a recipient of the Oxford Clarendon scholarship.

As a budding clinician-scientist with interests in tumor immunology, I want to build a career at the intersection of compassionate patient care and cutting-edge cancer research. My MSc research at the Oxford Department of Oncology with Dr Eileen Parkes’ group will explore cGAS-STING immune signaling in cancers with ineffective DNA repair machinery, and the effects of modulating this pathway for better cancer treatments.

GTC has been a solid part of my Oxford experience especially as an international student studying during a pandemic. I enjoy the warm and inclusive atmosphere here at GTC and the resources for studying and socializing made available by the college.

I am also very keen about expanding access to education in Nigeria and I co-founded the The Ganglion Initiative, which has provided career guidance, mentorship and scholarship opportunities to over 8,000 students in Nigeria.

I enjoy music, traveling, climbing and particularly exploring the historic city of Oxford!