Sarel van Baalen

Sarel Migael Van Baalen, Green Templeton College student profileMaster of Business Administration

I am a South African engineer with a passion for infrastructure development and investment. At Oxford, I will study towards a Master of Business Administration to gain world-class business, finance and strategy skills. I look forward to a diverse class with candidates from different academic backgrounds, industries, and nationalities. I expect that my time at Oxford will bring about intense personal growth, a wide new business network, a wealth of new skills and an overall experience of a lifetime.

At Green Templeton College, I hope to further expand my professional and friendship network. I look forward to actively participating in college activities and contributing to an uplifting and thriving student community. I embark on this journey with my wife, Serena, and together, we wish to make plenty of new friends and share our South African culture with others within the Green Templeton community.