Shawna-Kaye Tucker

Shawna Kaye Tucker, Green Templeton College student profileDPhil Education

I am Jamaican but I now live in Toronto, Canada, which has become like a second home for me.

I completed my MSc at Oxford in Applied Linguistics & Second Language Acquisition and now I am pursuing the DPhil in Education with the goal of becoming a professor in the field of Applied Linguistics, with a particular focus on literacy development in children who speak English as an additional language.

As my faith is very important to me, I spend much of my time getting involved and serving in different ways in local churches wherever I find myself. I also sing quite a bit and have been involved in a few bands as a vocalist. I enjoy staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and so I spend a good amount of time either in the gym or doing activities outside. I have recently been certified as a cycle/spin instructor!

During my time at Green Templeton, besides doing well in my programme, I hope to widen my knowledge base by learning from other fields of study and from other individuals with varied interests. I also look forward to new friendships and connections during, and beyond my time at Green Templeton.