Sylvie Pool

Sylvie Pool, Green  Templeton College student profileMSc International Health and Tropical Medicine

I am currently working as an Internal Medicine Physician in a 400-bed tertiary hospital in my home country, Seychelles. As we lack medical sub-specialties and specialist services, the job of a physician in Seychelles involves being able to manage a wide range of clinical presentations; from TB to infective endocarditis to strokes and everything in between. I am also the Chairperson of the Doctors Association, Doctors 4 Doctors Seychelles, working tirelessly to improve working conditions for doctors. I also sit on an editorial board of nine other doctors and, together, we are proud to have produced the first medical magazine in Seychelles.

Building on the experience I already have, this year at Oxford I hope to learn more about the major disease burdens affecting developing countries and understand the practicalities of applying this knowledge to clinical practice. Persuading healthcare leaders and politicians to make evidence-informed decisions remains a challenge in Seychelles and I would like to help change this. I hope to develop the skills needed to translate evidence-based medicine into public health policy.

I am also excited to meet my fellow scholars, who are undoubtedly leaders in their own right. I look forward to learning from them and to the exchange of ideas, in an intellectually stimulating environment.