Thomas Gordon-Colebrooke

Gordon ColebrookeMSc Social Anthropology

After degrees in English Literature from Buckingham and Exeter, I made the switch to Social Anthropology, after a year in and out of Oxford’s museums volunteering with the Multaka project and working in PR while feverishly researching in my spare time.

I will be primarily looking at the relationship between superstition and affect, namely emotional responses to demons in folklore, and what this tells us about how different social contexts inform how we construct a strictly ‘logical’ understanding of the world around us. My main area(s) of interest are Sri Lanka and South-East Asia, as well as Guatemala and parts of the Middle East.

My other interests include witchcraft, aesthetics, ludology, archaeology, myth-making, morality, religion, kinship, collective identity and nationhood.

I have a passion for poetry and edit a journal that aims to give a start to young and first-time writers. I also play three instruments and compose music, as well as design video and board games and write short stories. If I’m not in the Pitt Rivers, you’ll most likely find me on a horse or on the ice.