Tim Strobel

Timstrobel1Master of Public Policy (MPP)

Born and raised in southern Germany, I graduated from the University of Konstanz with a BA in Politics and Public Administration. Additionally, I spent a semester abroad at Sciences Po Bordeaux and worked as an intern at the office of a Member of Parliament as well as for a leading political communication agency.

During my undergraduate studies, I have served on the board of the youth organization of the German Social Democratic Party in the state of Baden-Württemberg, most recently as deputy leader. Moreover, I got elected to the city council of Engen. I became supervisor of a municipally-held energy company and one of the mayor’s deputies.

Furthermore, I have been responsible for technical and environmental issues within the associated committee. My policy interests include the challenges of climate change and especially sustainable urban planning. In Oxford and at GTC, I want to deepen my understanding of governmental policy and to enrich my skillset to initiate further change.

Contact: tim.strobel@hotmail.com