Urður Ásta Eiríksdóttir

Urður Ásta EiríksdóttirMSc Comparative and International Education

Studying for a degree in comparative and international education I am very interested in education worldwide. Access to education is defined as a human right and I wish to help enable those who are left out, often facing complicated circumstances access quality education.

Among my academic interests are people and cultural differences, languages, migration, globalization, equality multiculturalism, trans-nationalism, human welfare and public policies.
Prior to coming to Oxford I had studied a bachelor’s degree in cultural and social anthropology, a postgraduate diploma in global relations in (Iceland, Réunion Island and New York), worked with UNA Iceland, as a kindergarten instructor and with UN Women in Iceland.

Contact: urdurasta.eiriksdottir@gtc.ox.ac.uk