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Green Templeton College | Oxford

It is an established tradition of Green Templeton to invite all second year DPhil students to present their research to a mixed audience from across the College. These presentations contribute to an intellectual environment that stimulates and broadens all of our members – students and fellows alike. For the College as a whole, these events help everyone to understand what our students are researching and so reinforces the sense of a scholarly community.

This year, the presentation evenings will be held every Wednesday evening from Wednesday 26 April through to Wednesday 14 June. The programme is as follows:

Wednesday 26th April
17.40 Jasmina Arnez Institutional Responses to Youth Deviance and Parenting Styles: Exploring the Lived Experience of Social Class in Criminological Theory and Practice
18.00 Annemarie Weissenbacher Normothermic Kidney Preservation
18.20 Diana Dajer Charting uncharted waters: Offline and online participatory budgeting as a transitional justice novel case study
18.40 Jakob Hensing International business and the political economy of post-conflict private sector development
19.00 Yuxi Zhang How social policy for internal migrants is made in China? Observation from my field work
Wednesday 3rd May
17.40 Lemilson Almeida Simulating the life cycle performance of water infrastructure systems under climate change and population growth: risks & opportunities
18.00 Peter Hurtubise Teacher Perceptions of Conflict Resolution in Schools
18.20 Charlene Rodrigues Meningococcal disease - the difficulties with vaccinating all children?
18.40 Sabrina Mackinnon Potential of small molecule therapies for inborn errors of metabolism
19.00 Kamila Nigmatulina Organising new forms of venture funding: Institutional, legal, and technological dynamics of crowdfunding.
Wednesday 10th May
17.40 Alexa Yakubovich Building a systematic model of risk and protective factors for intimate partner violence against women: The role of long-term community and structural disadvantages
18.00 Karim Mohamed Monir Exploring Personal Learning Ecologies
18.20 Nicholas Wilkins Symplectic Geometry
18.40 Amina Ismaeel Microbes and skin inflammation
Wednesday 17th May
17.40 Clarissa Coveney The role of IFT88 in joint homeostasis/disease pathogenesis
18.00 Dr Isabell von Loga Molecular Pathogenesis of Pain in Osteoarthritis
18.20 Dogukan Ulgen Investigating the nuclear cap-binding complex in fission yeast.
18.40 Neora Alterman The possible effect of mode of delivery at birth on child health
19.00 Katia Mattis Assessing the Impact of Diabetes Risk Variants on Beta-Cell Development and Function
Wednesday 24th May
17.40 Yuanjie Pang Diabetes, plasma glucose and risk of cancer in Chinese adults: a prospective study of 0.5 million people
18.00 Jenny Tran Multimorbidity in the United Kingdom
18.20 Janina Isabel Steinert Impact evaluation of a financial literacy intervention for low-income families in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
Wednesday 31st May
17.40 Jessica Buck Imaging the formation of new blood vessels in brain cancer
18.00 Brian Nicholson Weight loss as a diagnostic feature of cancer in general practice.
18.40 Johan Cassel The Secondary Market for Private Equity Fund Stakes
Wednesday 7th June
17.40 Constantinos Koshiaris Quantifying diagnostic intervals in multiple myeloma: a systematic review
18.00 Luis Vargas Faulbaum The diverse paths towards universalism in Latin American social policies: a first approach of the case of pensions in Chile
18.20 Louise Pealing Self-monitoring of blood pressure for pregnant women with pre-existing high blood pressure.
18.40 Pippa Gunn The dynamics of hepatic lipid metabolism and storage in humans: understanding their role in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
19.00 Carlo Ceresa Novel approaches in optimising fatty livers for transplantation
Wednesday 14th June
18.00 Jack O'Sullivan Assessing the quality of diagnostic test use
18.20 Gracia Fellmeth Perinatal depression in migrant and refugee women on the Thai-Myanmar border
18.40 Ioanna Rota The thymus gland, what is it and what happens if you are born without it


More information, including details of where each presentation evening will be taking place, can be found in the Events Calendar