13 Norham Gardens

Green Templeton’s premises include 13 Norham Gardens, which started as a meeting place and source of inspiration for medical students, physicians, scientists and academic visitors.

Sir William Osler acquired the premises in 1907, two years after his appointment to the Regius Professorship of Medicine. It thus became the home in Oxford of one of the greatest physicians.

Under Osler’s stewardship it became known as ‘The Open Arms’.

After Osler’s time, it was also occupied by two other Regius Professors: Sir George Pickering and Sir Richard Doll, first Warden of Green College, which merged with Templeton College in 2008 to form Green Templeton.

Generous contributions from friends including the McGovern Fund in Houston, Texas, Dr John P McGovern himself, and the Patrick Trust enabled the college to purchase 13 Norham Gardens.

Osler-McGovern Centre

13 Norham Gardens is home to the Osler-McGovern Centre, which promotes the integration of the art and science of medicine by uniting a community of scholars through programmes involving lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences, visiting scholars and post-doctoral fellows.

More information about hiring the Osler-McGovern Centre.

Osler’s Library

Osler’s Library, preserved by Green Templeton, provides a living history of medical and public health studies at the University of Oxford.

13 Norham Gardens is also home to the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.