Generic Emergency Evacuation Plan – 5 St Margaret’s Road

The purpose of a Generic Emergency Evacuation Plan (GEEP) is to enable visitors to the building with restricted mobility or those who may not be able to evacuate unaided to become familiar with the layout, evacuation procedures, available equipment and communication devices. If you feel that this document does not provide you with sufficient information or that you require further assistance, please contact the college on 01865 274770

The Building: 5 St Margaret’s Road is located off the main site, and is a 3-story residential property with a basement.  There are 3 fire exits available from the front rear and side of the building and one that comes directly from the basement.  It has 2 staircases, one at each end, both leading to the outside of the building and may be used in the event of a fire.  The building is used for student accommodation and comprises of 28 rooms.

It is not recommended that persons with significant mobility constraints should use the building without a Personal Emergency Egress Plan (PEEP) being put in place.

Action required on hearing the Fire Alarm: If able, you should leave the building immediately by the nearest fire exit (see floorplans below) and report to the assigned assembly point which is the car park at the front  of the building with an another located at the rear of the property.  In the event of an emergency Staff / Security Services will sweep the building and will stay with any guest who cannot egress and will call for assistance.

Other recommendations: The fire escapes are not accessible by a wheelchair.  Visitors to this Green Templeton College accommodation should familiarise themselves with the floor layout of the building they are in. Floor plans have been provided with this document

Refuge areas

  • There are no refuge areas for 5 St Margaret’s Road. If unable to egress, a member of staff or OUSS sweeping the building will stay with the guest and call for assistance.

Basement 5 St Margaret’s Road

Basement 5 St Margaret's Road Plan

Ground Floor 5 St Margaret’s Road

Ground Floor 5 St Margaret's Road Plan

First Floor 5 St Margaret’s Road

First Floor 5 St Margaret's Road Plan

Second Floor 5 St Margaret’s Road

Second Floor 5 St Margaret's Road Plan

Third Floor 5 St Margaret’s Road

Third Floor 5 St Margaret's Road Plan

Key For Emergency Exits And Assembly Point

Fire action notices are in every area within the college and stipulate the action in the event of discovering a fire or in the event of the fire alarm sounding in the building. Please familiarise yourself with the instructions on this notice and comply in the event of a fire or the fire alarm. In the event of a fire please call 999.

Fire Action Sign

Fire doors are designed to protect escape routes within buildings and limit the growth of a fire. Any door labelled with one of the above signs will resist a fire for a minimum of 30 minutes. Please ensure that you do not prevent any door with this label from shutting and if you find a door that does not shut then please report it to a member of staff.

Fire Door Sign

The fire alarm systems in this building rely on smoke and heat detectors. In addition to these there is the additional measure of Fire alarm call points which will trigger the fire alarm system within a building. If you see a fire, ensure your own safety first and if possible activate a call point by pushing the plastic window.

Fire Alarm Sign