COVID guidance

Green Templeton College realises that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on all of its community, and is doing everything it can to help provide support to college members.

Wednesday 30 March 2022 update

In line with the University of Oxford’s move to Stage 0 of its Business Continuity Framework, COVID restrictions across the university were removed (apart from in hospital settings) on Monday 28 March. The university’s testing service has now closed and staff and students are no longer be asked to test twice a week while working and studying on site.

In light of the continued risk of COVID transmission, college members continue to be asked to take steps to reduce COVID risks, and be considerate towards others.

We therefore ask all college members and visitors to:

  • Be responsible by playing your part to make college spaces safer and therefore accessible for all.
  • Be considerate by being mindful of other people, and paying particular attention to those who are concerned about returning to in-person work and study.

Specifically, we ask that you:

  • Let fresh air in when indoors: regularly opening windows and doors increases ventilation and significantly reduces the spread of COVID-19. This is particularly important in areas which are poorly ventilated or where signs indicate the need to do so. (NB: fire doors should remain shut.)
  • Respect those who choose to wear a face covering: wearing a face covering is now a personal choice. Please be respectful to those who choose to continue wearing one.
  • Respect other people’s space: while social distancing rules are no longer in place, it’s important that we are considerate of each other’s space, particularly with those who are concerned about returning to in-person activities.
  • Keep up to date with your COVID vaccinations, including boosters.
  • Avoid contact with others if you are infectious: if you test positive for COVID, or have a fever or feel unwell with COVID symptoms.

Testing arrangements

You no longer need to test for COVID regularly while you’re working or studying on-site (unless you are in an NHS setting), and the University’s Early Alert Service has now closed.

If you have symptoms, you can continue to use LFD tests that have already been distributed and there are a small number still available at the Lodge that can still currently be issued for those who need to test because they have symptoms or they are required to work or study in a hospital setting.

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