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Part of the Reuters Institute global journalism seminar series

Wednesday 15 November 2023   13:00 to 14:00


Dr Friederike Otto, Senior Lecturer in Climate Science at Imperial College

Friederike Otto smiling at the cameraLocation: Maths Institute


A week before COP28 convenes in Abu Dhabi, we’re teaming up with the Oxford Climate Journalism Network to speak to Friederike Otto, Senior Lecturer in Climate Science at Imperial College and one of the leading climate scientists worldwide. The seminar will be held at Green Templeton College, the site of one of the UK’s oldest meteorological stations.

Dr Otto is one of the founders of the World Weather Attribution initiative. Founded in 2015 by Dr Otto and her colleague Dr Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, the project quantifies how climate change influences the intensity and likelihood of an extreme weather event using weather data and computer modelling, and often immediately in the aftermath of the event.

Dr Otto has authored the book Angry Weather and her work has been featured extensively in several global news organisations. In this seminar, she will discuss about how journalists can do a better job covering this year’s critical climate summit.

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Part of the Reuters Institute for Journalism’s Global Journalism Seminars series.