Internet freedom and independent press in 2023 – a view from India

Part of the Reuters Institute global journalism seminar series

Wednesday 8 November 2023   13:00 to 14:00


Apar Gupta, founder and director of the Internet Freedom Foundation


Virtual Event

Apar Gupta wearing black sat in front of a bookcase About

Apar Gupta is the founder and director of the Internet Freedom Foundation, which defends online freedom, privacy, and net neutrality in India. In this seminar he will give an overview of the challenges faced by press freedom in India in the light of new censorial tech laws. He will also share his views on the press coverage of new threats to privacy, surveillance and data protection following the introduction of the Digital Personal Data Protecting Act 2023.

Apar Gupta is a lawyer and writer on democracy and technology. In 2015, he and others launched, a public campaign that fought for net neutrality and stopped the introduction of Facebook’s Free Basics initiative in India. Gupta and his team at IFF regularly file petitions and undertake advocacy campaigns to defend online freedom, privacy, and net neutrality.

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Part of the Reuters Institute for Journalism’s Global Journalism Seminars series.