Nae Pasaran film screening

Organised by Oxford University Chilean Society

Monday 29 April 2019   18:30 to 21:00


Alan Angell, Emeritus Fellow in Latin American Politics, St Antony’s College


EP Abraham Lecture Theatre, Green Templeton College

The Oxford University Chilean Society presents a film screening of Nae Pasaran.

In 1974, factory workers in Scotland refuse to repair jet engines from the Chilean Air Force in protest against Pinochet’s dictatorship. Four years later, the engines mysteriously disappear, ending the longest single action of international solidarity in the UK. The workers never found out the scale of their impact. Until now.

Alan Angell, Emeritus Fellow in Latin American Politics at St Antony’s College, will provide commentary.

This event has the support of the Green Templeton College GCR 100^2 Grant.

EP Abraham Lecture Theatre
Green Templeton College
43 Woodstock Road

Type: Social and Societies