Human Welfare Conference 2021


The theme for the Green Templeton College Human Welfare Conference 2021 that will take place on Friday 14 May is Living Longer: Healthy Ageing and the Opportunities of Longevity. More information and register.

The United Nations recently declared 2021-2030 as the Decade of Healthy Ageing, a campaign that is intended to unite governments, international agencies, and other stakeholders to better the lives of the growing older adult population. This has proliferated a discourse on the promotion of healthy ageing.

The 13th annual Human Welfare Conference aims to explore the meaning and implications of healthy ageing in society through an interdisciplinary perspective. Our vision is to bring different disciplines in dialogue to critically examine ageing, disrupting the current academic and political discourse on ageing that tends to homogenize the older adult population.

Through our conference, we hope to expose our audience to different perspectives on ageing, showcasing not only the diversity of an aged population but the various approaches that challenge the narratives around ageing.

More information and registration

Full details about the Human Welfare Conference 2021.

Register via Eventbrite.

The Human Welfare Conference 2021 will be hosted on Airmeet, a web-based conference platform.

You can access the Human Welfare Conference via this Airmeet link, which will bring you to the meeting room. Although Airmeet is compatible with most web browsers, it works optimally using Google Chrome so, where possible, we suggest using Google Chrome to access the conference and disabling any Virtual Private Network you have as this can limit access. A detailed guide to using Airmeet can be found here.

A booklet containing information about the Human Welfare Conference speakers and events is now available.

If you require assistance with registering or accessing the conference, or are unable to access the booklet, please email and

‘Healthy Together’ by Weimin He, artist-in-residence

To celebrate this year’s Human Welfare Conference, the organizing committee commissioned Green Templeton’s artist-in-residence Weimin He to create an artwork that reflected the theme of the conference.

This piece, created in May 2021, is entitled ‘Healthy Together’.

An artwork by Weimin He commissioned for the Human Welfare COnference showing a group of people standing below the Radcliffe Observatory dome. The background of the piece is a multicoloured rainbow

‘Healthy Together’, 2021, Weimin He, artist-in-residence

Green Templeton appointed Weimin He as the College’s first-ever Artist-in-Residence in August 2018, following a connection to the College stretching back almost a decade.

Read more about Weimin He’s role as artist-in-residence.


Jordan Gorenberg, Co-Chair
Constanze Cavalier, Co-Chair
Amadea Turk, Programme and Speakers’ Manager
Jiaxin Shi, Programme and Speakers’ Manager
Emily Boucher, Programme and Speakers’ Manager
Natali Van Zijl, Finance Manager
Ken Deng, Welfare Manager
Anja Bitterwolf, Publicity and Communications Manager


All questions and comments about the Human Welfare Conference 2021 should be directed to and

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