The Green Templeton Lectures 2021 to look at Navigating the COVID challenge

The Green Templeton Lectures 2021 will look at ‘Navigating the COVID challenge’ through three talks exploring different aspects of the global pandemic.

Drawing on its research base, Green Templeton College is using this lecture series, in partnership with Franklin Templeton, to provide an opportunity for the intelligent non-specialist to stand back and reflect on some of the deeper issues the global pandemic has raised. In particular, what are some of the key questions they should have for their governments when it comes to the inevitable ‘build back better’ plans for recovering from COVID-19.

Governing Body Fellow Professor Rafael Ramírez and Senior Research Fellow Professor Trudie Lang will deliver the first lecture on Wednesday 27 January at 18:00 GMT, which is called ‘Framing the COVID challenge’. Registration for ‘Framing the COVID challenge’ is now open – sign up here.

Rafael Ramirez and Trudie Lang

Professor Rafael Ramírez and Professor Trudie Lang will deliver the first lecture on Wednesday 27 January

Professor Ramírez is Director of the Oxford Scenarios Programme and Professor of Practice at Saïd Business School. He will remind us that Scenario thinking has over 20 years of experience handling complex and uncertain situations and indicate some of the insights a Scenario perspective would bring to the discussion.

In the second half of the lecture, Professor Lang – who is Director of The Global Health Network at the Centre for Tropical Medicine and Health – will remind us that COVID-19 is not the first, and certainly won’t be the last, pandemic caused by pathogens crossing from birds and animals to humans. Our past experience with pandemics can offer valuable insight into the portfolio of interventions that governments should have perhaps maintained better in the past and should research and maintain going forward.

Dustin Garrick, Research Fellow of Green Templeton College

Dr Dustin Garrick will give the second lecture of the series

The next lecture in the series will be delivered by Research Fellow Dr Dustin Garrick, Associate Professor and Departmental Research Lecturer in Environmental and Resource Management. He is also Co-Director of the Smith School Water Programme and Co-Convenor of the Oxford Water Network.

Dr Garrick’s lecture, ‘Key lessons from COVID for recovery strategies’ will look at the lessons the pandemic has for governments as they plan their recovery strategies, in particular as it impacts the current debate on the speed and direction of moves towards a more sustainable, greener human economy.

Joseph Stiglitz

Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz (Credit: Daniel Baud / Sydney Opera House)

The third and final lecture will be given by Nobel Prize-winning economist Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz of Columbia University. His lecture title is ‘Measuring progress towards a better future’, looking at how far recovery strategies have come in delivering the outcomes they promise. In particular, the challenge of gauging the overall ‘progress’ of these strategies in terms of economic product, well-being and sustainability.

Dates for the second and third lectures will be announced soon.

The Green Templeton Lectures 2021 are directed by Emeritus Fellow Dr Marshall Young. They are being held in partnership with Franklin Templeton, as an extension of their academic partnership scheme in which Green Templeton is a current partner.

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Lecture 1: Framing the COVID challenge

Lecture 2: Key lessons from COVID for recovery strategies 

Lecture 3: Measuring progress towards a better future

Created: 13 January 2021