Medical Anthropology Film and Discussion Group’s Trinity theme is ‘Crossing Boundaries’

The Green Templeton College Medical Anthropology Film and Discussion Group has chosen ‘Crossing Boundaries’ as its theme for Trinity 2019.

The group explores the extent to which films can complement, enrich and further the study of medical anthropology themes, topics and methods.

This term, the meetings will discuss clips from three films – The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007), Safe (1995) and Grizzly Man (2005)exploring different kinds of ‘boundaries’: body-mind; body-environment; and human-animal being.

Each film’s content and approach will be discussed, and the group will examine its capacity to support the analysis of issues relating to illness, crisis, health and wellbeing.

Everyone is welcome to attend. No registration necessary.

The full schedule for the term is:

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Wednesday 7 May, 15:30-17:00
Barclay Room

Dir: Julian Schnabel (2007)

Poignant drama based on a real-life story. Once an editor of a well-known magazine in France, a man was struck down in his 40s by a stroke that left him unable to move a muscle, yet did not affect his mental reflexes. He went on to write his autobiography just by blinking patterns, the only physical activity he could still perform, which followed an alphabetical code.]


Wednesday 21 May, 15:30-17:00
EP Abraham Lecture Theatre

Dir: Todd Haynes (1995)

Set in an affluent neighbourhood of the San Fernando Valley, California, this drama recounts the life of Carol White, a typical upper-middle class suburban housewife whose life deteriorates under the stress of unpredictable and strange bodily manifestations, such as persistent fatigue, uncontrollable coughing, nose bleeding and convulsions. Doctors are at loss of how to help her cope or cure her. To find treatment, Carol journeys to New Mexico and enrols in the Wrenwood Institute, a New Age facility designed for healing people suffering from ‘environmental illnesses’.

Grizzly Man

Wednesday 4 June, 15:30-17:00
EP Abraham Lecture Theatre

Dir: Werner Herzog (2005)

This documentary chronicles the story of controversial animal rights activist Timothy Treadwell, who lived among wild grizzly bears in Alaska’s Katmai National Park before he and his girlfriend were mauled to death by one. The documentary features Treadwell’s own film footage, interspersed with the thoughts of friends, family and animal experts.

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Created: 2 May 2019