Photography Competition 2020 Entries Gallery

Thank you to all who have entered this year’s photography competition on the theme of ‘selfie-isolation’.

This year’s competition aims to find the most striking original photograph or photographs that tells a story of experiencing and adapting to the global response to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as to bring our community together to enjoy an excellent range of photographs!

There shall be two main prizes in the competition – a judge’s choice and an audience favourite:

  • The judge’s favourite shall be chosen by a judging panel consisting of Green Templeton Artist-in-Residence Weimin He, Research Fellow Dr Charles Roehr, GCR member Davide Bilardi and digital communications officer Georgia Melodie Hole. They will select a winner based on the entry that, in their opinion, best illustrates the theme of the competition. They will consider a range of factors including composition, technical ability, originality, and relevance to the theme.
  • The ‘audience favourite’ is chosen by Green Templeton members by voting online. Please complete this form to choose your favourite, by 28 June 2020. The winners shall then be announced on Monday 13 July with the judge’s favourite and audience favourite each receiving a prize of £150.

You can also read more details about the competition and view previous year’s entries.

View the entries below:


Entry from Aisha Ahmad:

“These photos were taken in March 2020, at GTC’s Rewley Abbey Court, on a day where a panic attack had gotten the best of me.”

Entries from Asmita Poddar:

Photo 1

Photo 1: The Green Templeton Ducks were faithfully back this spring! However, they too did not fail to observe Social Distancing during the pandemic, as they enjoyed the sunshine in the Lankester Quad.

Photo 2

Photo 2: During the lockdown, we look out from inside, hoping that greener times await us on the other side of the lockdown. This picture of the McAlpine Quad was taken through a tiny window on my way to the Stables Bar, where I went to study and work during the lockdown. For every day of lockdown that I ticked off my calendar, I saw the ivy come to life day by day, which gave me hope that greener times indeed awaited on the other side of the lockdown.

Photo 3

Photo 3: The GTC Tennis Courts, which were deserted during the lockdown with the lone tennis ball occupying the courts, and the rose bushes and the majestic Radcliffe Observatory reflecting the rays of the setting sun, looking on.

Entry from Austen Fisher:

“We don’t have a fancy camera or any photography skills, but we are staying afloat… ”

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Entry from Charlotte Lee – A Triptych ‘Places I Sit’:

Where I Used To Sit

1) Where I Used to Sit – Taken in 22/10/19 at the Flemming Boathouse (where the Oxford University squads train) at the beginning of a training session with OUWLRC, as the sun rose.


2) Where I Thought I’d Sit – Taken 13/06/19, in my 33SMR bedroom during lockdown


3) Where I Now Sit – Taken 4/05/20 at the John Radcliffe Hospital (with permission) at the staff asymptomatic COVID19 testing clinic where I now work. Part of a serology study, we’ve now taken sputum and blood samples from nearly 11,000 staff members.

Entry from our Principal Denise Lievesley:
Selfie Isolate Denise And Roland

Entry from Euan Dodds; A Triptych from Edinburgh:

Img 0319

1) A young couple walking in the Meadows – a park famous for blossom which appears each April.

Img 0073

2) Princes Street in Edinburgh showing an almost deserted mile of closed shops. Typically this would be one of the busiest commercial streets in the country, particularly on such a sunny day.

Img 0580

3) My own children playing Pooh sticks (after Winnie the Pooh) in a private golf club which has very kindly opened its grounds to the public. The sun till shines, the trees still bloom and love and laughter continue.

Entry from Keiko Kanno:

Img 5527

I enjoyed painting flowers in watercolours at home while managing self-isolation and social distancing this spring. Painting made me feel fulfilled and helped me to stay positive during these trying times. The photograph was taken at home this spring for this competition.

Entries from Lore Purroy Sanchez:

Picture 1

Picture 1: Hoping to fly
These paper boats were in the bridge in the direction to Port Meadow, during the pandemic.

Picture 2

Picture 2: Reading to maintain the calm
This picture was taken during the Covid-19 pandemic at GTC.

Picture 3

Picture 3: Sun-kissed selfie-isolation
This is a selfie taken at Stables Bar during quarantine.

Entry from Peter Ho:

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Photo taken at university graduate accommodation in April 2020 by myself.

Entry from Richin Kabra, A diptych:

“Despite the anxiety, malaise, angst, grief, despair, hardship, and trouble caused by COVID as represented by a demon in a board game (called Blood Rage), please believe these days will pass too.
Location: London, in my apartment playing board games and in London Fields.”

Entries from Ruth Loseby:


Photo 1: Zoom Back to the Future. June 1847, June 2020.
I had been playing with the idea of ‘Zoom Back to the Future’ for a photo and how people have been using the Observatory as their virtual backgrounds on zoom meetings which have become so much part of our selfie-isolation. But zoom and the virtual backgrounds distorts where we actually are. So I thought to take it further and distort time too.
Then I came across that a young Florence Nightingale had been in Oxford in June 1847 With this being 200 years from her birth and the Year of The Nurse, the idea grew.
Although I could find no evidence that she would have ventured out to the Observatory, the papers on the discovery of Neptune made me imagine a virtual visit, with Denise as the Zoom host across the centuries, talking about their statistical shared interest.
Credit needs to go to Michael Pirie who sent me an image of his print from Ackermann’s History of the University of Oxford published in 1814 of the Observatory for Florence’s virtual background. Then I just had to persuade Denise to meet with Florence on Zoom – and my daughter Linnet (a casual at Green Templeton) to take on the role of the young Florence.

Birthday Gift May 2020 Facemask

Photo 2: Lockdown Birthday Gift: Facemask. Taken in May 2020.
I was meant to be in Cornwall for my birthday as the Government had moved the Bank Holiday to coincide with VE Day – so giving me a long birthday weekend for the first time. But it was instead a home birthday – the first present I opened was a ….. facemask!

Entries from Siddharth Arora:

Photo 1 Sa

Photo 1: An evening in Port Meadow. Taken in port meadow on a sunny weekend evening on the 19th of May at 7:19pm

Photo 2 Sa

Photo 2: Post Valentine spirals. Taken on Woodstock road, looking at a streetlight through the dry branches of a tree, on the 15th Feb at 12:50am

Photo 3 Sa

Photo 3: Oxford in Lockdown. Taken on a quiet late evening in front of RSL on the 19th of May at 9:56pm

Entries from Zhibo Qiu:


Photo 1: A selfie-isolation picture that I took at Port Meadow during lockdown to capture the sunshine and beauty of the nature.


Photo 2: The buttercup is to remind us of the beauty of everyday life. This lockdown period offered us a new lens to observe and immerse in our surroundings.


Photo 3: me and my lockdown partner.

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Created: 18 June 2020