Summer Eights 2022

Old Summer Eights

This page will track updates from the Summer Eights racing taking place from Wednesday 25 May and continues until Saturday 28 May. Check back here for updates.


Saturday 28 May

Congratulations to W1 who won Blades!

W2 had an impressive row over.

M2 got spoons.

M1 bumped.

Friday 27 May at 18:30

M2 bumped by Christ Church. On for spoons tomorrow!

M1 a strong row over and a bump on Wadham! Up to division 3!

W2 had a strong start but were bumped.

W1 bumped and are up for blades!

Friday 27 May at 09:40

Another exciting day ahead.

Race times are as follows:

  • M2 – 12:15
  • M1 – 15:15
  • W2 – 15:45
  • W1 – 17:45

Thursday 26 May at 18:00

M2 were bumped by Christ Church but are keen for revenge.

M1 bumped St Edmund Hall and then rowed on!

W2 had an amazing row on.

W1 bumped Trinity before the gut!

Overall a great day for our crews.

Thursday 26 May at 09:30

All four crews are back out on the river again today.

Race times are as follows:

  • M2 – 12:15
  • M1 – 15:15
  • W2 – 15:45
  • W1 – 17:45

Wednesday 25 May at 20:00

Both the M1 and W2 teams finished out the day with a solid row-over. They did not bump the crew in front, but they pushed away from the crews behind them successfully and we are very proud of their hard work.

W1 team had an incredibly quick bump – before Donnington bridge!

M2 were unfortunately bumped but will be back tomorrow.

Wednesday 25 May at 11:00

We’re pleased to kick off these updates with confirmation that Green Templeton will have four boats in this year’s Summer Eights. Both the men’s and women’s first and second crews will compete.

Race times for today are as follows:
  • M2 – 12:15
  • M1 – 15:15
  • W2 – 15:45
  • W1 – 17:45

College members are encouraged to come along to support the crews from Longbridges Boat House. Green Templeton wishes the best of luck to all of our crews competing!

About Summer Eights

Summer Eights is an annual four-day regatta that this year runs from Wednesday 25 May to Saturday 28 May on the River Thames south of the city centre. Bumps races, which are a rich tradition within the university, happen twice a year – Torpids in early Hilary Term and Summer Eights in Trinity Term. The aim of a bumps race is not to pass the boat ahead but to catch it. Each bump earns a boat a place up the divisional ladder, with the top crew becoming the Head of the River. Teams who bump at least once during each of the four days of racing earn blades.

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Created: 25 May 2022