Policy for social gatherings within college accommodation

GTC accommodation is first and foremost student and family residencies, and the comfort and safety of all living in these locations is paramount. At times, students may wish to host small gatherings including 10 or more non-residents for celebrations and events – in these situations the following policy applies. A non-resident is a person that does not live in the residency and that does not hold a license agreement with GTC.

NB: There are spaces available to book on the GTC main site that are more suitable for social gatherings (i.e. Hayloft, Stables Bar). Please do consider if these are more appropriate for the type and size of gathering you are arranging. Email events@gtc.ox.ac.uk

General Points

  • Gatherings at residencies should be avoided during examination periods and should not take place if any member(s):
    • Has tested positive for a transmissible disease;
    • Is awaiting the results of a PCR test for COVID;
    • Is showing symptoms of a transmissible disease, and/or
    • There is a notable risk of transmission of that disease.
  • All members of a residency must be made aware of any planned gatherings in advance and all agree to it taking place. Those not participating in the gathering must not be disturbed or treated inconsiderately by others.
  • Where possible, gatherings should take place in outdoor spaces (i.e. gardens).
  • The number of non-residents attending gatherings should be limited, and only include people that are known to residents (i.e. friends and/or family). For health and safety purposes, this number of guests should be appropriate for the size and structure of the space.
  • You should give a minimum of 3 days’ notice of any planned gatherings by emailing the Lodge (lodge@gtc.ox.ac.uk) and Junior Deans (jd@gtc.ox.ac.uk). You should include the date/time of the gathering, and the expected number of attendees.
  • Music and loud noise must stop by 23:00.
  • It is the responsibility of residents organising and/or attending a gathering to clean up the property after the event.

Safety Measures

  • Entrances to a residency must not be wedged open to allow non-residents access to the building at any time, nor should residents give their Bod Card to others (please note this is a university level disciplinary offence).
  • If you allow non-residents entry into a residency, you must accompany them at all times and you are responsible for their actions and behaviour.
  • All guests should be made aware of fire and health and safety measures within the property, including the location of fire exits and toilets.
  • Resident and/or guests are not permitted under any circumstances, to start bonfires or use fireworks and/or any flammable materials (i.e. candles, joss-sticks, oil burners) inside or outside the property. If a BBQ is planned for use, the House Supervisor must complete a Fire Risk Assessment in advance*.
  • Residents hosting the gathering should encourage guests to drink responsibly and safely.
  • The use of recreational drugs and/or smoking (including cigarettes, vapes and e-cigarettes) is not permitted in any area of GTC properties at any time. Breach of this requirement is a serious disciplinary offence.


  • If a resident breaches any of these measures, a Junior Dean will be notified and attend the site in person to immediately disperse the gathering. If this occurs after 23:00, the Security Services and/or Police may also be called to attend.
  • If a resident fails to comply with the instructions of the Junior Dean or is responsible for more than one breach, they will be referred to the Domestic Bursar and Dean of Discipline. This may result in charges being issued or termination of the resident’s accommodation license.
  • Where a residency is left excessively dirty and/or messy after a social gathering requiring additional resources, at the discretion of the Head Housekeeper and Domestic Bursar, residents may be charged for cleaning via their battels.

* The House Supervisor should contact the Accommodation Office with sufficient notice who will assist with this.