Associate Membership

About Associate Membership

Spouses/partners of currently enrolled Green Templeton College students will be able to apply to become an Associate Member of the college. This scheme is intended for spouses/partners of current students only and is not to enable access to friends of current students. Instead, they should follow the college’s guest policy.

Successful applicants will be issued a generic access card so they can gain access to the college grounds through the electronic lock on the College Main Gate (Woodstock Road). Lost cards can be replaced at the cost of £5.00 which will be charged to the student partner’s battels account.

This scheme is not designed to enable the same access to college as their student partners, but to enable the spouses/partners of students to become part of the wider college community.
Please note: If an Associate Member is a student themselves either at another Oxford college or other institution, this membership does not give them any ‘student’ access to Green Templeton.
New membership applications will not be accepted after Friday of 8th week Trinity Term.

Membership details

  • Membership duration is for the academic year, regardless of when the membership is applied for. All memberships will end on 30 September 2024.
  • £60 Membership Fee will be charged to the Green Templeton student’s battels account
  • Any breach in the T&C’s of this membership or the College’s Code of Conduct will result in immediate cancellation of the membership.

Membership benefits

For the 2023-2024 academic year, Associate Members of Green Templeton will have the following access to college facilities/activities. Subject to some limitations – further information is provided in the T&Cs

  • Card access to Green Templeton college and gardens (front gate on Woodstock Road)
  • Use of the Observatory Common Room, gym, Stables Bar and Stables Gallery
  • Tennis courts, squash courts, punt and Rotunda (Music Room). Advanced booking only.
  • Lunch – Associate Members are able to book in for college lunches. Lunches will need to be booked via the website (please view the ‘Booking without an SSO’ section for details on how to book) and paid for with card payment only in the Dining Hall upon pick up. Associate Members can bring up to three guests.
  • Green Templeton Associate Members and Grapevine mailing lists
  • GCR clubs, societies and events (only at the discretion of the GCR)
  • Guest Wifi – codes can be obtained from the Lodge

Associate Members will not be permitted to and/or have access to the following facilities:

  • University card/Bod card
  • University or GTC email address
  • GTC library access – the library is strictly for GTC students only
  • GTC IT suite access – this space is strictly for GTC students only
  • Associate Members who are also students at a different Oxford college or Higher Education institution should be eligible for a Bodleian Libraries Reader Card. It is the recommendation that these Associate Members look into that option should they wish to study using one of the Bodleian’s libraries. Associate Members who wish to use the college site to study with their student partner can use one of the common spaces (Observatory Common Room or Stables Bar and Gallery or outside in the gardens).
  • Hayloft – this is a GTC student only space. Associate Membership cards will not provide access to this space. Students may bring their Associate Member to the Hayloft and must stay with them, but Associate Members will not have access in their own right.
  • Room bookings – Associate Members are not permitted to use or book meeting rooms at college.
  • Iffley Road Sports Centre. This is a separate university facility and only provides a discounted membership to students. Associate Members can purchase a ‘Community Members’ sports membership should they wish to use this facility.
  • Pigeon hole (right to have post delivered to Green Templeton). Associate Members are not allocated a GTC pigeon hole as these are limited and reserved for students, staff and fellows. Associate Members who live in GTC accommodation with their student partner may have parcels delivered to the Lodge, but they will not be contacted when the parcel arrives. Checking in with the Lodge regularly is required in these cases.
  • Parking onsite at any of Green Templeton College sites is not permitted
  • Battels account. Associate Members are not able to have a college battels account. All purchases will need to be paid for on pickup.
  • Formal Dinner Booking. Associate Members are not awarded this privilege and are not able to book themselves into Formal Dinner or bring guests to a formal dinner.
  • Welfare support. Associate Members are not able to access the college’s welfare support team. However, if an Associate Member is struggling with anything, there are a number of fantastic services available to everyone. The college doctors have a good list of resources that are available to students as well as non-students.
  • Access to GTC accommodation. Associate Members are not permitted to live in college accommodation unless this has been agreed separately with the accommodation office. Associate Members are classed as ‘visitors’ to all GTC accommodation areas and should follow the overnight guest policy. Associate Membership cards will not give physical access any GTC accommodation.

How to apply for Associate Membership

New membership applications will open on Monday 2 October 2023. Spouses/Partners of current GTC students can apply using this application form.

New applications will typically be processed within 2 working weeks.

New applications will not be accepted after Friday of 8th week in Trinity Term (Friday 14 June 2024).

Membership FAQs

When does Associate Membership end?

Associate Membership for 2023-2024 will ordinarily terminate either on 30 September 2024 or when the Student Member’s programme of study has been completed (whichever is the earlier date); the college will use the ‘Programme End Date’ for students on taught courses and the date of Leave to Supplicate for students undertaking research degrees. Students on multi-year programmes (and their linked associate members) will be contacted regarding renewal of the membership shortly before the expiry date.

From 30 September to Monday of 2nd Week in any given year, no one will hold an Associate Membership. This is an administrative period that allows the College Office to process and approve any new or renewal Associate Membership applications for the upcoming academic year.

Do memberships auto-renew?

No, memberships last only for the academic year. If you (the student) are on a multi-year programme you will have to make a new application in Late September or early October for your partner’s Associate membership.

What do I do if the relationship breaks down and I (the student) no longer wish to allow my former partner to have access to my college?

If the GTC student no longer wishes to hold Associate Membership for their partner, they can email informing the College Office of this change.

If the relationship breaks down, the GTC student holds the power to cancel the membership at any point in the year, for any reason. Partial refunds of the fee will not be available.

I am a student at another Oxford college or institution, can I access facilities such as the college library and welfare services?

No. You will not be permitted to access facilities that are available to students as these are reserved for GTC-enrolled students only.

I am the partner of a current GTC student, but I am also a GTC alumni. Does my access to college change because of this? Can I have the same access I had when I was a student?

Your access as an Associate Member provides you with greater physical access than you would have as only an alumni of GTC. So, this membership does not give you anything extra, but you are at an advantage of knowing how the college functions and the events and activities that occur. You will not be given any previous access permissions you had while you were a GTC student. You may also wish to contact the Alumni Office to see what alumni events are coming up that you would like to get involved in. Holding Associate Membership will have no effect on your alumni status or vice versa.

Who to contact if you have a question about the programme, access to facilities, etc?

If you have questions about the use of a particular area, please refer to the guidance above, the services updates that will be emailed to you, or the Lodge. Failing those, please contact