Afrida Asad

Afrida AsadMSc Global Health Science and Epidemiology, 2022

I am Afrida from Bangladesh, completed my Hons and Masters in Geography, from University of Dhaka. Since 2018; I am actively involved in a non-profit volunteer organziation “GroupMappers” in Bangladesh to improve health surveillance system in remote areas of Bangladesh. The organization is supported by MORU, Wellcome trust, Oxford. Since the beginning, our organziation has been providing technical support to health ministry of Bangladesh and made significant contribution in Malaria, rabies elimination; Aedes control and analysing population movement, health facility access during pandemic processing big data handling and geospatial science application in health sectors.

Apart from this, I am proud to acknowledge myself as a social entrepreneur, as I have formed my own consultancy firm “GMGI Solutions Ltd” in 2020 along with my four partners, where we provide IT and Data science solutions to social issues. We have provided cutting edge solutions to our local and overseas clients in last two years (UNDP, UNHCR, JICA, a2i, National Land Ministry, Health ministry and many more) and created employment for more than 30 people so far.

Now I am in Oxford to learn epidemiological and statistical application of heath database which will enable me to run bigger project for my country and for my organization in future and to disseminate knowledge to my peers.

Literature, poetry, art, study on new culture and ancient civilization; these are my companions while I am alone. I aim to travel around the world, explore new culture, traditions and philosophy and love to know new people around. I want to and I will make a greater impact in the world, with the power of love, faith, and positivity.