Haohao Lei

MPhil Sociology and Demography

Haohao LeiI am an MPhil student in the Department of Sociology, interested in understanding the mechanisms of human society based on quantitative data and empirical evidence. Prior to studying here at Oxford, I earned a BSc degree in Social Science with Quantitative Methods (First Class Honours) from University College London Social Research Institute. My undergraduate dissertation, Family formation trajectory and its correlation with later-life health in England: A sequence analysis approach, was one of three winners of the UK Data Service 2021 Dissertation Award.

In addition, I have worked closely with researchers from the Shanghai Academy of Social Science (Institute of Urban and Demographic Studies) and the Shanghai Centre for Disease Control & Prevention on topics including high frequency hearing impairment, COVID-19 data tracing, urban development, and population policy.

My broader research interests include social determinants of health inequality, analytical sociology, social epidemiology, family demography, causal inferences, and social data science.

Contact: haohao.lei@sociology.ox.ac.uk