The Management in Medicine Programme at Green Templeton has created a community of trainee clinicians interested in healthcare leadership.

  • Over 500 trainee clinicians have attended at least one event, often introducing them to healthcare management for the first time
  • Feedback from the Shadowing Programme shows it alters attitudes to managers and managing
  • Service improvement projects potentially bring real benefits to patients

What participants have said

  • “Before I got involved in Management in Medicine, I never imagined myself as a ‘leader’ – like many medics, I saw that as a role for men in pinstripe suits confined to the boardroom!”
  • “I now appreciate that medical leadership and management skills are essential for providing good patient care for all members of the team, and you do not have to be in a senior management role to make a real difference.”
  • “This opportunity provided me with great insight into how the NHS operates at a senior management level and provided me with a greater understanding relating to the business of healthcare. …. I would definitely recommend it to any early-stage clinician with an interest in healthcare leadership.”
  • “My shadowing experience made me realise how important and dynamic it can be to be involved in management within your department and only increased my interest in pursuing this and striving to make continual improved change.”