Green Recovery Now

Green Recovery Now is an Oxford University student-led movement. The group say they feel passionately that the climate crisis must be tackled urgently and, being university students, they want to make use of research and connections with researchers to support the argument for a global green and fair recovery from COVID-19. There are currently more than 30 Oxford University students in seven different teams. The intention is reaching out to students around the world. They want to work together as a global movement to put pressure on our governments to invest in climate-friendly policies to boost economic recovery from the COVID pandemic, based on the best scientific research. 

Green Recovery Now was born in Green Templeton College during the summer of 2020.

You can find more on the Green Recovery Now website.

Main activities

  • Transform research information into formats which are easy to understand: videos/country profiles/ graphs etc. 
  • Organise talks with professors, activists and other professionals
  • Organise debates between students who have done research on green recovery

Contact details

If you would like to know more about the movement, please email 

If you are an Oxford University student and would like to commit some time to help (in outreach, website, research, social media etc.) please email: 

Green Templeton members of GRN

  • Founder – Lore Purroy Sánchez
  • Outreach coordinators: Raffaele Ippolito and Lion Uhl
  • Secretary: Stephanie Barker
  • Logistics Officer: Emily Thomas

Green Templeton former members of GRN

  • Constanze Cavallier
  • Cori Campbell
  • Alex Midlen
  • Imogen Malpas

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