Green Templeton Social Sciences Seminar Series

The Social Sciences Seminar Series is a Student Academic Project organised by Alex Midlen, MSc Nature, Society and Environmental Governance.

This seminar series aims to increase dialogue between the social science disciplines at Green Templeton College and beyond. The social sciences represent a diverse spectrum of disciplines ranging through population and demography, public health, anthropology, human geography, criminology and more.

Past events

Inequality and the environment
Wednesday 6 February 2019


Danny Dorling presents at the inaugural Green Templeton Social Sciences Seminar Series, 6 February 2019

In this seminar, Professor Dorling addressed four themes on inequality and the environment through his inimitable mix of distorted maps, challenging charts and plain speaking. His themes were:

1. Economic inequality and the environment
2. Are there too many people? Can the planet cope?
3. Are climate change emissions spiralling out of control?
4. How can the social sciences help?

Environmental resource conflicts: from water wars to Mongolian mines
Friday 7 June 2019


Research Fellow Dr Dustin Garrick speaking at Green Templeton College Social Sciences Seminar on 7 June 2019 on topic of 'Environmental resource conflicts: from water wars to Mongolian mines.'

Environmental conflicts are a growing cause of concern, with climate change at the head of the charge. But resources of all kinds are subject to conflicts between different uses and users. In this seminar our speakers focussed on water and mining.


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