2017 Oxford Residence Week for Entrepreneurship Scholars

2017 Oxford Residence Week Entrepreneurship ScholarsA conference centred on informality, ideas, and inspiration, the Oxford Residence Week for Entrepreneurship Scholars has become, throughout the years, one of the ‘academic highlights of the year’.

Stemming from a desire to facilitate a deep interaction between scholars without the constraints of more traditional conferences, the Residence Week is an innovative concept initiated by Green Templeton Associate Fellow Professor Saul Estrin (London School of Economics) and Mirjam van Praag (Copenhagen Business School and University of Amsterdam).

The academic success of the Residence Week is reflected in both scholars’ research output based on previous participation, and their constant enthusiasm for engaging with the active and vibrant community that Mirjam and Saul have developed over time.

To continue this tradition, the 6th annual meeting of the Residence Week for Entrepreneurship Scholars took place in Oxford between 26 June and 30 June 2017, with the continued generous support of the Templeton Education and Charity Trust.

The report is available here.

Created: 30 June 2017