Oxford Residence Week for Entrepreneurship Scholars

Since 2012, a small group of international scholars in entrepreneurship and innovation have gathered each summer for a retreat with limited formal sessions and plenty of opportunity to discuss new ideas, work on their own projects, or collaborate with colleagues. Scholars follow their own schedule for much of each day, with an organized programme to share new research ideas starting late each afternoon.

The event is held at Green Templeton’s Norham Gardens venue in the heart of Oxford and has the generous support of the Templeton Education and Charity Trust.

For more information please contact Ruth Loseby.

2020 Residence Week

The 9th edition of the Oxford Residence Week for Entrepreneurship Scholars was held virtually from 22 June to 25 June, 2020. For the fourth year running, co-founder Saul Estrin (Professor of Management, London School of Economics and Associate Fellow, Green Templeton College) was joined by distinguished researcher Maryann Feldman (Professor of Public Policy, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) in organizing the 2020 Residence Week for Entrepreneurship Scholars.

This year, in light of the developing COVID-19 situation, the Residence Week was transitioned to a virtual format to build on the success of previous years. Meetings were held via Zoom and consisted of afternoon discussions and early evening research presentations. Throughout the day, a dedicated chat and video calling channel was open for participants to discuss in smaller groups at their own pace, schedule, and time zone.

An additional format of 13:00 topical discussions was introduced to facilitate the transition to the digital format. The early-afternoon discussions consisted of four sessions:

  1. the impact of COVID-19 on economies around the world, based on impulse presentations of eight scholars from eight countries,
  2. regional imbalances in the U.S. and Germany, based on impulse presentations by scholar of the respective countries,
  3. ongoing efforts to foster replication and tackle the replication crisis of the social sciences, and
  4. philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and non-profits.

Principal Denise Lievesley welcomed the participants and several GTC members joined the 1pm discussions following an invitation to the GTC community (of fellows, students, alumni and staff).

Please contact Ruth Loseby for further information.

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If you are unable to download any the Residence Weeks reports or require further assistance accessing the reports, please contact Ruth Loseby.

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