Black Lives Matter book share

Following the killing of George Floyd in the United States, and calls from the Black Lives Matter and other race justice movements students and fellows of Green Templeton have been having deep conversations about racism in our society and in our institutions including in an Open Forum discussion, and events on Racism, Science and Academia and Racism as a public health crisis.

Some of our community have shared their stories of how racism pervades and impacts their lives. Others have been challenged to (re)consider their own biases and privilege.

One way we can learn to how to change is by reading. Senior Research Fellow Catherine Pope, and Blackwell’s bookshop have curated a list of titles, to broaden thinking and encourage Anti-Racist practice.

Catherine said, ‘The Black Lives Matter movement and conversations about racism in our society and institutions have encouraged me to reflect on my own privilege as a person with white skin, and to think harder about the learning I need to do to be part of positive change. I would like to encourage our College community to read these books, and share them with your family, friends & colleagues.’

Principal Denise Lievesley said, ‘I welcome the engagement of a number of our fellows in this initiative led by Catherine Pope and encourage others within our community to join them. This is a vital issue that the college is committed to and I have established a task force led by Equality & Diversity Champion Neo Tapela and supported by Governing Body Fellow Susan James Relly to provide a launchpad for our community to contribute to the Black Lives Matter cause and to make recommendations to the Governing Body on how to address systemic racial inequality.’

From individual narratives, historical accounts and key texts associated with the current movement for positive change, these books should be read by the widest possible audience. The plan is to encourage fellows and others at Green Templeton to read and share these books in the hope that this will support positive change. To kick start this scheme a small group of fellows have signed up to read and share one of the titles on our reading list. Over the coming weeks we will be posting short reviews here to share learning.

Current Book List (purchased and to be available for book share in college shortly)

Potential future additions

Suggestions of other titles to grow this list are encouraged – please contact Catherine Pope. Many of these books are available from Blackwell’s online and in their Broad Street store. Some titles are available in the University libraries.

The current selection was informed by suggestions from Green Templeton fellows, Blackwell’s staff and the #RacismInAcademia #BlackInTheIvory and #ShutDownSTEM hashtags.

The college welcomes the views of all members of our community, alumni, friends, donors, prospective students, Fellows and staff, on the role that the college can play to finally make the changes to society that have been needed but ignored for so long. If you have anything to contribute or share, have any questions or suggestions, I encourage you to submit them to us via our online form.

Fellows already contributing to the book share initiative include Paul Brankin, Mike English, Nick Fahy, Gary Ford, Trish Greenhalgh, Denise Lievesey, Richard McManus, Mary McMenamin, Stavros Petrou, Catherine Pope, Sara Shaw and Sue Ziebland.

Created: 9 July 2020