Green Templeton Photography Competition 2019 winner announced

Student Pedro Stoeckli Pires has been named the winner of 2019’s Green Templeton Photography Competition, which aimed to find the most striking original image of one or more college members at work.

Pedro’s picture shows Green Templeton Musician-in-Residence Maki Sekiya playing piano in the Observatory Common Room.

Pedro Stoeckli, winner of the Green Templeton College 2019 Photography Competition

Pedro Stoeckli Pires’ striking image of Green Templeton Musician-in-Residence Maki Sekiya has won the 2019 Photography Competition

The judging panel, which included Green Templeton Artist-in-Residence Weimin He, praised the image for meeting all of the Photography Competition criteria.

They said: “This photograph stood out for encapsulating all of the criteria of the competition – originality, technical ability, relevance to the theme, and a strong, clear composition that highlights the concentration of the Musician-in-Residence.

“The black and white image is still and silent, yet makes us think of music and melody.”

Pedro said of his entry: “Our Musician-in-Residence for the 2018-19 academic session has presented three times throughout this academic year. I went to all three recitals and was extremely impressed by the ability and interpretations of the Japanese virtuoso pianist.

“During certain pieces, she would play complex harmonies in such a fast manner it sounded like two people were playing at once. When I took this picture it seemed to represent that feeling well, as if there were two Maki playing together in that room.

“Music is a very important part in the daily life of Green Templeton College members and it sets the college apart from others.”

Principal Denise Lievesley announcing the winner of the 2019 Photography Competition at the Green Templeton annual garden party on 29 June 2019

Principal Denise Lievesley announced the winning picture and four honourable mentions at the Green Templeton annual garden party on 29 June (Credit: Nuno Pereira)

Principal Denise Lievesley announced Pedro as the winner at the college garden party on Saturday 29 June. He received a cash prize of £150 and his photograph will be shared in official Green Templeton College publications.

The judging panel also selected four further photographs submitted by Green Templeton students Mira Schneiders, Jim Chesterfield and Keiko Kanno, and staff member Anne Highsmith, for honourable mentions.

HONOURABLE MENTION –  Submitted by Mira Schneiders

The judging panel said: “The magical light and colour in this well-framed image create a beautiful atmosphere showing where we all want to be on a summer’s day at work. Carolyn’s task of watering a newly-planted garden to help it grow mirrors the college’s desire to nurture students and help them flourish.”

Mira Schneiders, honorable mention in Green Templeton College 2019 Photography Competition

Honourable mention: Mira Schneiders

HONOURABLE MENTION – Submitted by Anne Highsmith

The judging panel said: “This photograph of the porters preparing for the summer ball reflects their role within college – the friendly, familiar smiles and cheer that always greet each member of the Green Templeton community, and their willingness to help us each and every day.”

Anne Highsmith, honorable mention in Green Templeton College 2019 Photography Competition

Honourable mention: Anne Highsmith

HONOURABLE MENTION – Submitted by Jim Chesterfield

The  judging panel said: “This image of friends taking a moment to appreciate the sunlight in the library captures the realities of being a student in Oxford as the warm weather begins and catching a few rays of sunshine becomes hugely desirable. Hard at work, they take a brief rest from studying to gather their thoughts and bask in the warmth as it streams through the windows, before resuming work.”

Jim Chesterfield, honorable mention in Green Templeton College 2019 Photography Competition

Honourable mention: Jim Chesterfield

HONOURABLE MENTION – Submitted by Keiko Kanno

The judging panel said: “This photograph perfectly captures the sweet duck companions that the Green Templeton community were so used to seeing together until just recently. It pays tribute to the college staff behind the scenes that look after our duck visitors so well, which in turn brings joy and happiness in the busy working lives of everyone at college.”

Keiko said: “I captured the ducks that keep coming back to Green Templeton every year. The friendly ducks make Green Templeton College members smile, even on a busy and stressful day. Through these pictures I’d like to acknowledge Green Templeton staff members for feeding the ducks every day. The staff were a little too shy to be photographed so I’m hoping the ducks will represent their work and contributions in always making a positive difference in the Green Templeton community.”

Keiko Kanno, honourable mention in Green Templeton Photography Competition 2019

Honourable mention: Keiko Kanno

Green Templeton would like to thank this year’s judging panel:

  • Davide Bilardi, GCR Secretary
  • Alison Franklin, Academic Registrar
  • Weimin He, Artist-in-Residence
  • Marton Magocsi, Reuters Institute Fellow and photojournalist

The Green Templeton Photography Competition is made possible by the generous support of Dr Elman Poole.

Created: 1 July 2019