Professor Keith Frayn wins Nutrition Society’s Blaxter Award

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Professor Keith Frayn, Emeritus Fellow at Green Templeton, has won the British Nutrition Society’s first ever Blaxter Award. This award honours lifetime achievement in whole body metabolism and animal nutrition.

Frayn’s work has largely been concerned with how the body handles incoming nutrients and what can go wrong with that process. Upon receiving the award, Frayn presented a lecture on ‘Turning over our fat stores: the key to metabolic health’.

Frayn joined then-Green College in in 1996 to take up a Mars Research Fellowship in Nutrition, which was the start of his long association with Green Templeton. ‘I have found the College environment to be very supportive,’ he says. ‘It has led to collaborations, for instance with Professor Derek Jewell in Gastroenterology.’

The Blaxter Award is named for Sir Kenneth Blaxter, a leading scholar of energy metabolism and animal nutrition, who presided over the Nutrition Society from 1974 to 1977. Previously, Professor Frayn had been awarded the British Nutrition Foundation prize in 2014 and made an Honorary Fellow of that Society in December 2016.

Created: 15 August 2018